FBL Group is providing state of the art specialized services concerning Coal Fired Power Plants, Coal Fired Boilers, Coal Fired Thermo Oil Heaters, Coal Fired Hot Air Systems, Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boilers, steam Generators WHRBs, HRSGs, and All types of industrial erections, Installations, Pipings & technical Support to various industries throughout country.

Manufacturing of Steam generators, thermo oil heaters, press boilers, tanks, and heat exchangers.

Fuel conversion projects (All kind of solids & Light fuels)

Modification & upgrading in Boiler Systems

Boiler Spares (All type of Electro mechanical Parts)

Designing & Fabrication of Industrial Machinery

Industrial Automation, Electrical Panels of Boilers

Installation & Fabrication of Power houses.

Water treatment Chemicals, Water Softening Plants

RO Plants, Demineralization & Services

All type of Industrial equipment, valves, Pumps, meters etc