FBL provides wide range of coal fired steam boilers; Coal fired steam boilers are one of the indispensable equipment in the production process of major enterprises. Energy and Steam produced from coal fired steam boilers is cheaper and more affordable than any other energy sources. These boilers are widely used in Textile, food, beverage, feed, chemical, medicine, paper & board, dyeing units, Refinery, tobacco, plastic rubber, oilfield, leather, cement etc.


FBL Industrial Services with its Chinese principles have designed coal boilers which performs reliably, environment friendly and highly efficient on Pakistani coal with 4% Sulphur contents same as on imported coal. FBL Offers coal boilers with High efficiency, wear resistance, Large furnace, low velocity design; the application of wearproof tube technology, reducing erosive abrasion. The boiler is designed to extend the time takes to travel on chain grate to burn the coal completely to fully utilize it.

Product Details


A steam generator sports a simpler construction that makes is easier to operate than a full-scale industrial boiler. These generators are also smaller, making them more versatile when you’re working with limited space, and are often utilized as auxiliary boilers. Steam Generator start up very quickly, Because of their compact design these machines can be up and running at full power in a much shorter amount of time than full-scale boilers, making them useful in emergency situations.

Key Features

  • Reliability and Cost Efficient
  • Maximum Safety due to the low water volume under pressure
  • Easy to install local to the process for minimum total plant cost
  • Rapid Steam production from cold start in minimum time
  • Compactness with small footprint and low weight
  • Low thermal losses with minimum blowdown and reduced total energy demand
  • Especially suited for variable loads
  • High Quality Dry Steam

Capacity of the product

  • 100KG/h to 5000KG/h


  • 50Psi to 250Psi


  • Gas/LPG/Diesel


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