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FBL Industrial services provides all kind of brand-new European burner to wide variety of industry throughout Pakistan. The boiler burners are important equipment for burning fuel oil, gas, coal powder and other particles or for fully burning various fuels after alternation and mixing. FBL Industrial Services provided burner is designed to ensure that the flame is stabilized by establishing a suitable flow field to produce the initial temperature rise. burners mix fuel and air (or oxygen) to achieve controlled combustion while producing a specific flame and heat-release pattern. The heat generated is used to control the temperature within a combustion chamber to the process set points.



Steam Generator, Thermo oil heaters, Press boiler, Tanks, Heat exchanges

Fuel Conversion

All kinds of solid and light fuels


Industrial Automation, Electric Panel of Boilers


Install the Commissioning boilers


Water treatment, Chemicals, water softening plants

Boiler Spares

All Types of Mechanical Parts.

FBL GROUP ,is leading the way as a , facilitator of Green Energy solutions with boilers powered by alternative fuels. We have been in boiler business since 1998 and offers a complete line of boilers and boiler room equipment’s.

State of the art specialized services concerning industrial boilers, Industrial equipments, Industrial engineering & automation, industrial water treatment, industrial power generation, CNG station systems throughout Pakistan.