Welcome to FBL Group, your trusted partner for all your Green Energy solutions since 1998. We specialize in providing innovative and sustainable steam boilers, oil heaters, and steam generators powered by alternative fuels to multiple industrial sectors.

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Advance Manufacturing

Steam Boilers, Steam Generators, Thermal oil heater, Hot Water Generators, Pressure Vessels Storage Tanks,

Fuel Conversion Engineering

Boilers & Oil Heaters Fuel Conversions systems on Solid Fuels (Coal, Biomass) and Liquid Fuels

Electrical & Instrumental Services

Industrial Automation, SCADA Systems, PLC Control Systems for Boiler, Oil heater & Heat Exchangers

Erection & Installation

Erection, Installation & Commissioning of Steam boilers, Oild heaters & Waste heat boilers.

Waste Recovery System

Waste heat boilers, heat recovery steam generators, Economizers, Air Pre Heater and Heat Exchangers.

Overhauling Services

Boilers, Steam Generator, Oil heater including complete overhauling services.