3 In One Combo Systems

FBL Group Offered 3 in 1 Combo Systems are a perfect solution for customers that need steam for their facility but do not want to spend the capital for a largescale boiler operation. 

This Combo System consists of following equipment’s:

  • One Coal Fired Thermo Oil Heater
  • One Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
  • One Quick Steam Generator
  • Waste Heat Hot Water Economizer


When hot oil in conjunction with an industrial steam generator and a waste heat recovery steam boiler, the overall efficiency of the system is unmatched in comparison to any other solution. The hot oil from the heater circulates through the tubes inside the steam generator so the efficiency of the heater has a direct impact on the efficiency of the steam generator. The tubes then heat the water in the shell of the steam generator to create the steam.

The most significant saving from a steam generator is the fact that, in most cases, they do not require a boiler operator. This should result in significant operating cost savings in comparison to a boiler, which most of the time, requires a licensed operator. FBL Group offers services for brand new combo systems along with upgradation in existing systems.