Biomass Fired Seam Boilers

FBL Group has a wide range of Biomass Fired steam boilers, Biomass is fuel developed from organic materials such as Husk, Wood Logs, wood Chips, Bagasse, Wood Pallets, plants or plant-based materials which are not used for food or feed.

The most common biomass energy source is wood, in the form of logs, pellets or wood chips. Burning biomass releases heat which can then be utilized to produce cheap, economical steam. Prices of traditional fuels like oil and gas are steadily increasing, and this tendency is not expected to change anytime soon.

Biomass fuels have much more stable prices, Biomass boilers are very similar to conventional gas boilers, instead of using gas (or oil) to produce the heat, biomass boilers combust sustainably sourced wood fuel.

Boiler Type:

  • SZL (Double Drum).
  • DZL (Single Drum).

Firing System:

  • Chain Grate.
  • Step Grate.
  • Fixed Bed.


  • 02 TPH UP TO 65 TPH.


  • Wood Chips
  • Corn Cob (Crushed Corn Cob best)
  • Mustard Waste (Kuttal)
  • Wheat Straw
  • Rice Straw (Parali)
  • Sugarcane Trash
  • Crushed Bagasse (fresh)
  • Sugarcane Leaves (Khori)
  • Cotton Stacks (Crushed)
  • Biomass Pellets

Key Features:

  • Fuel Cost Saving.
  • Efficient Design.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Larger furnaces offer better Combustion.
  • Easy Maintenance.