FBL Group provides all kind of brand-new European burner to wide variety of industry throughout Pakistan. The boiler burners are important equipment for burning fuel oil, gas, coal powder and other particles or for fully burning various fuels after alternation and mixing.

FBL Group provided burner is designed to ensure that the flame is stabilized by establishing a suitable flow field to produce the initial temperature rise. burners mix fuel and air (or oxygen) to achieve controlled combustion while producing a specific flame and heat-release pattern. The heat generated is used to control the temperature within a combustion chamber to the process set points.

FBL Group is agent of Ecostar Burners in Pakistan, These Burners are Leader in International Market due to their more advanced European Technology & of high efficiency with up to 96% Efficiency. Our burners have excellent combustion performance due to their superior Technology.

Types of Burners:

  • Gas Burner
  • Light Oil Burners
  • Heavy oil Burners
  • Biomass Burners
  • Dual Fuel burners
  • Process Burners
  • Duct Burners
  • Industrial Burners



  • Economical in terms of fuel consumption.
  • Wide Range of Operational Control due to High Turn down with different modulating options (Mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatic).
  • Easy maintenance due to their special design.
  • Lower sound level.
  • Environmentally Friendly because of Low emission levels.
  • Burner digital combustion control & automation systems enable efficient operation, monitoring and control of important parameters.
  • High Quality standards with CE certification. Burners are equipped with components of World well-known companies such as Siemens, Dungs, Suntec, Lamtec. 
  • Wide Product Range, Monoblock Burners, NG Series Burners, Industrial Burners (ECO, DIB, DSE, MIB, CIB), Process Burners, Recuperative Burners, Duct Burners, GRM series, Eco Flue Burners & Special Burners
  • Suitable for various Industrial Applications, which includes Cement, Fertilizer, Paper/Packaging, Sugar, Steel & Iron, Automotive, Chemical, Tire, Food & Dairies, Thermal & Cogeneration Plants where they are used in Steam Boilers, Hot water Heaters, Thermo Oil Heaters, Ovens, all type of Furnaces, Auxiliary Heating (Duct Firing), Dryers, Ram Stentor Machines, & Hot Air & Gas Generators.
  • Provides Complete Solution for Auxiliary Equipment including Fuel pumping & Heating stations.
  • Well maintained inventory of Burner Spares Parts.
  • Well trained & experienced staff available locally to handle all Commissioning and After Sale Services of Burners.