Steam Generator

FBL Group imports, designs, manufactures & installs highly efficient and reliable steam generators that are safe and cost-effective FBL Group has an extensive experience in building large industrial and commercial Steam Generators FBL Steam Generators are best placed to meet individual customer requirements in a broad range of applications. Due to our expertise in steam generator and boilers we are able to ensure outstanding quality, high levels of operational reliability and a long service life. A steam generator is easier to operate than a full-scale industrial boiler. These generators are also smaller, making them more versatile when you’re working with limited space, and are often utilized as auxiliary boilers. Because of their compact design these machines can be up and running at full power in a much short amount of time, making them useful in emergency situations. Steam Generator provide safety due to low water volume under pressure. Low thermal losses with minimum blowdown and reduces total energy demand. Steam generators are very useful for variable loads.

Steam Generator Types:

  • Horizontal Steam Generator
  • Vertical Steam Generator
  • Hot Oil-Fired Steam Generator (Used with Thermal Oil Heater)


  • 500 KG. / HR. UPTO 8000 KG. / HR.


  • Natural gas
  • Light oil
  • Heavy oil
  • Multi fuels

Key Features:

  • Highly Efficient.
  • Quick Startup.
  • Rapid Steam Production.
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Less Operational Manpower.
  • Compact Design.
  • Fully Automatic.